Boppy or My Brest Friend:  My Experience with Nursing Pillows

When I was pregnant with my first child, it seemed all my friends raved about the Boppy pillow and told me it was a “must have.”  So like any good mother, I added it to our Target Baby Registry here in Nashville, and receive it as a gift.  Unfortunately, when my son arrived, I found I was always annoyed with it.  The reasons were:

  • It was too soft to support my baby in a good nursing position. 
  • There was nothing to hold the Boppy in place. 
My son showing off the My Brest Friend pillow.  He proudly said he was putting his dog down for a nap. 
Every time I got comfortable nursing, the pillow would inevitably creep it’s way away from my body, leaving my baby inching down lower and lower between me and the pillow.  I gave up using the pillow, and just started using regular bed pillows.  These worked fine, but not everyone has a bunch of spare pillows or wants them lying around the house, since you need a few to get the right support.
The pillow is great for bottle feeding too!
After doing a little research, I found some other options.  One of them being the “My Brest Friend” pillow.  I ordered it, and quickly found this pillow was perfect for my needs. 

  • It straps around your back, and includes a back cushion, which gives a little more comfort to a nursing mother. 
  • It is firm, which is great at supporting and keeping a baby in a good nursing position. 
  • It stays in place.  Because it straps around you, it doesn’t inch away from the body.  You can even stand up and go get the phone and it stays put.
What about nursing twins?  They make one for twins too!  I originally had the EZ-2-Nurse Twins Pillow (now appears to be called San Diego Bebe twin nursing pillow.)  Like my first experience, it didn’t stay put, and didn’t offer great back support.  I didn’t realize that My Brest Friend had a twins pillow (I had heard the EZ one was the only one on the market.)  When I found out they did make one, I ordered it without hesitation. and it too was awesome with the same features I liked in the original.

As a mother and postpartum doula, I definitely recommend taking a look at the My Brest Friend nursing pillows.

Twins nursing supported by the My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe pillow.

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