Bouncing Baby Boy – Nashville Baby Photographer

Every now and then you get a string of babies who are the same gender. I was having a string of baby girls. So I was excited to get a little boy into the studio again, especially since I had some newborn outfits I hadn't photographed yet. This little guy was 1 month old, and we were able to get some amazing images of him.  If you're looking for newborn photography and live in the Nashville area, contact us and we can start planning your session. 

Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby Boy Nashville

5 thoughts on “Bouncing Baby Boy – Nashville Baby Photographer

  1. You are, by far, my favorite Nashville newborn photographer! Such amazing pictures of this baby boy 🙂

  2. a friend was looking for a Nashville newborn photographer – I know where to send her now!

  3. Wow you’re images are so beautiful! I will be in Nasheville soon looking for a newborn photographer and you are just what I was looking for!

  4. You are amazing Nashville newborn photographer! Love your photos.

  5. He’s beautiful! I love everything about these! Nashville families would be crazy not to come to you for all their newborn photography needs!

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