Childbirth Education: Meet Lindsey Seger

When it comes to childbirth education, Lindsey Seger, is the go-to.  As the owner of An Everyday Miracle Childbirth Education, she has been educating expecting parents for over 10 years.  The great thing about her classes is that they are virtual, and have been well before the covid-19 pandemic.  So it doesn't matter if you are giving birth at St. Thomas in Nashville, the Cambridge Birth Center in Boston, or Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, you can benefit from her vast knowledge of childbirth.


Childbirth Educator Lindsey Seger
Childbirth Educator Lindsey Seger 2
Childbirth Educator Lindsey Seger 3

Lindsey teaches the Evidence Based Birth® curriculum which is 6 weeks long.   She recommends pregnant couples take the class when they're around twenty weeks pregnant. This gives time to adjust plans as new information about birth is learned, yet still close enough to the big day so information won't be forgotten.  Because Lindsey's childbirth classes are all online she get couples from all over the country! It's very interesting to see how the local birth culture changes from area to area.  She tries to group couples together so that they have something in common - all first-time parents or all VBAC parents, for example. That way, clients are more comfortable opening up about specific concerns and more likely to form a bond, which can be so helpful going through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Because the curriculum is focused on the latest scientific evidence around healthy childbirth, Lindsey's usual clients tend to be PREPARERS, the sort of people who make checklists and contingency plans. They want all the knowledge and ask thoughtful questions.  She says their classes are filled with some great discussions!

A class with An Everyday Miracle Childbirth Education focuses on three things:

1.  Cutting-edge evidence: all the pros and cons of the common birth interventions according to the latest studies

2.  Proven-effective comfort measures: positions, massage, birth balls, counter pressure, a whole bunch of tips and tools!

3.  Advocacy techniques: knowing your rights and how to negotiate with the staff in a positive way

While there are no guarantees when it comes to childbirth, Lindsey wants her clients to go into the experience with confidence and knowing they have the tools to make decisions that are right for them.

Lindsey is a certified childbirth educator through Childbirth Professionals International and has additional training from Evidence Based Birth®.  She also volunteers as the leader of the Nashville chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN).  Lindsey's "day job" is at the local hospital performing ultrasound exams (on all sorts of things, not just babies!) She is board certified in Diagnostic Medical Sonography in General, Vascular, and OB/Gyn.  The woman knows her stuff!  Wow!

When asked what qualities help her in her work, Lindsey mentioned empathy.  She says, "Empathy is absolutely foundational to the work I do. When I empathize with the couples - where they are in the process, what their current mindset might be - I can be a much better guide and mentor. And I teach them to have empathy with their care providers and with themselves so that they can speak up for themselves constructively and see everyone there as a team."

Email is the best way for someone to reach Lindsey:

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