Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin Baby Photographer

Babies grow SO fast.  You will be amazed at the changes that happens in one short year.  This is why I recommend photographing your new baby throughout their growth to capture all the milestones that happen.

When should my baby be photographed during the first year?

There are different thoughts on this this.  Some say every month, but I find that to be too much and too hard for most families to schedule.  I recommend two different schedules depending on the number of sessions you are looking for.

4 month, 8 months, 1 year:  The 4 month milestone focuses on the baby push up while on the tummy.  At 8 months most babies have reached the sitting milestone.  Lastly the 1 year session is all about reaching the first birthday and is a celebration for them by typically including a cake smash and splash.  (Other options like spaghetti are also fun if sugar is a concern.)

6 month and 1 year:  I say 6 months, but I often recommend waiting until your baby is able to fully sit unassisted to maximize the images we are able to get.  A 1 year session typically also includes a cake smash and optional "splash" after.