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Are you looking to polish up your resume?  Or perhaps you would like some assistance in putting your professional talents into words.  Maybe you are a stay-at-home-mom returning to work and need to dust off your briefcase and cover letter.  Sara Hutchison has done just that for thousands of people with Get Your Best Resume.  Sara came into the studio to refresh her headshot, and it was a lot of fun working with her.  She is vibrant, positive, and energetic.

Sara is a professional resume writer in Nashville, TN.  She specializes in writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIN Profiles, and a range of other professional documents. She also does career coaching here in middle Tennessee.  Sara started Get Your Best Resume while working for a university, after realizing her passion and skill for identifying talent in others and assisting in their applications.  Sara received her Master's in Career Counseling around the same time she moved to Nashville.   This is when Get Your Best Resume took off.  Since then, she has helped people put their best self forward.  Sara has also contributed to, and was featured in a NY Times Bestseller as a Millennial Leader.

Sara could be considered a consultant, but she aims to be more approachable and affordable.  She keeps a home-office that allows her to pass savings onto clients who need resume help, but not a drawn-out process with lots of meetings. After hundreds of resumes, Sara can quickly identify what a client needs translated and produce high-quality documents over email that are ready to send to potential employers.

Sara mainly works with 3 types of people:

  1. Mid-Career professionals needing their resume to reflect a desired promotion or industry change.
  2. Busy professionals who may already have great content/experience, but want someone else to update their LinkedIN, resume, and cover letter while they continue working or preparing for an interview.
  3. Mothers returning to work. This group makes up a large portion of her clients. These busy women appreciate that Sara Hutchison offers a fully online process.  There is no need to have inefficient meetings or phone calls to get started.

About once a week she receives a message letting her know someone landed a job, a promotion, or got into the school they wanted.  This is why she loves this work.  She told me, "The feeling I get knowing that I helped someone fulfill a goal and/or boosted their confidence is indescribable and sustaining.  It’s the best feeling I get from my job."

Get Your Best Resume has also recently added a host of other documents and services to their offerings such as recommendation letters, salary negotiation letters, resignation letters, and essay assistance for college entrance essays.  Basically, if you need to look good on paper, Get Your Best Resume has you covered!

When Sara isn't helping people with their work goals, she might be found at a local library researching census data and birth certificates.  She is an amateur genealogist.  It's a hobby that, along with her family, keeps her busy.

Sara Hutchison can be contacted through email, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Etsy.

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