Nashville Business Spotlight – Local Homeopath Tanya Kell

Tanya Kell teaches and practices Classical Homeopathy in middle Tennessee.   She helps clients all across the country feel better by phone. Her client base is varied.  Tanya consults and assists people with improving their health at any stage of life from pregnancy and beyond.

Tanya shares that working as a partner in a healing journey brings her great joy.  She feels lucky to meet new and wonderful people every day. She believes everyone’s story is unique and when one is freed of illness so much potential is released.  Her love of this work is the reason she has continue to practice and teach homeopathy for the last 22 years.

Tanya hopes that people will consider homeopathy for various types of illness and for maintaining good health.  Her methods are drug free, non-toxic, and natural. And for women who are expecting, her remedies are safe for pregnancy.

You can find her at and email her at

Disclaimer:  The information in this blog post if for informational purposes.  Harpeth Photography does not endorse any specific services that may be viewed as medical in nature.  Please consult your healthcare provider with questions or concerns about any health issues/treatment specific to you. 

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